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Dave is a 28-year old deeply misogynist estate agent who lives in Brighton. Known by his friends as a loveable asshole. He charms his way into people’s lives with his confidence and childlike enthusiasm. 

Jonathan is a socially awakward man in his late 30’s. Never really understanding the importance of hygeine, his wet looking greasy hair and strong odour can put off even the most kind hearted person of being in his company.

Jonathan, a character in Smooth Sailing Film in a deck chair



Eva symbolises the collective female voice, embodying both vulnerability and courage. As Dave’s enduring girlfriend, we trace her journey as she bravely reclaims her body.

Lavender is a sweet hearted woman in her early 20’s. She is a knitting and crochet enthusiast and loves wearing clothes and accessories that are made out of pure wool. She sees her role in the shop as fairy godmother, and wishes that every customer leaves dressed for a ball.



Summer is a multifaceted character – a strong, independent, and unapologetically sexy woman with a maternal side. She becomes Dave’s protector and caregiver during a challenging period in his journey as a woman.

Alex is a an older and more sophisticated version of Dave. He is a very good looking and charming man in his late 30’s. He has an air of elegance that is effortless. Every interaction he has with a person is a game, and ihe is obsessed with having the upperhand.